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PBIS Boosters

PBIS Boosters provide PBIS Leadership Team members with a quick snapshot of the Tier I or Tier II features to assist them with implementing the PBIS framework with fidelity in their schools. This series is not a replacement for the PBIS Tier I or Tier II trainings, but ideal options for: 1) team members who are new and have never received PBIS Tier I or II training or for, 2) existing team members who would like a refresher on various parts of the initial Tier I or Tier II training.

Knowing the unique role Administrators provide in implementing PBIS, we also offer a PBIS Administrator Booster that provides a high-level view of what PBIS is, why PBIS matters, and the importance their role plays in ensuring implementation with fidelity. Like the others, this module is not a replacement for the PBIS Tier I training, but an ideal option for: 1) administrators who are new to an implementing PBIS school and never received PBIS Tier training or for, 2) administrators who received PBIS Tier I training but would like a refresher on the detailed specifics regarding their role in implementation.

Our virtual PBIS Boosters are made of up of modules that are designed to stand independently of one another so individuals and teams can customize the training content based on need/TFI critical feature. It is recommended that new PBIS team members watch all the modules in chronological order to build strong foundational knowledge of the PBIS framework.