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Mental Health

Feelings of restlessness, fatigue or being disengaged could all be signs letting you know that these may be related to trauma, secondary traumatic stress and or compassion fatigue.  Educators are identified as care and support individuals and focus on ensuring those things for others (colleagues, students, families, etc.), but without the proper prioritization of self, those stress levels can become overwhelming and won’t show signs of relief.  Your mental health isn’t only important to you, but it is necessary.  “Teacher wellness is linked to stability in schools and student achievement.”

Updates in the News
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Teacher Burnout Task Force Report - GA
Protecting Youth Mental HealthThe U.S. Surgeon General Advisory

Teacher well-being is a critical and often overlooked part of school health.
As we talk about reopening schools, are the teachers ok?  
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Flyers - Upcoming Mental Health Events and Opportunities

Cobb Collaborative Training Opportunity
Reminder for Registration of MHA Minigrant (August 22, 2023)  
Mental Health and Wellness Training (August 24, 2023 and August 31, 2023)
Mental Health Lunch and Learn (October 26, 2023 + January 30, 2024 + April 25, 2024)
Educator and Staff Well-Being Community of Practice
Movie Screenings