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Meet Our Team

Metro RESA Whole Child Support Team

The Metro RESA Whole Child Supports Team, supports schools and school districts in building their capacity to identify and address student non-academic barriers to success, while expanding learning opportunities. Our team of Wraparound Services Coordinators bring a vast array of knowledge and experiences to best support schools and districts.

The Metro RESA Whole Child Supports Team will assist in the building of professional growth, awareness, and knowledge of whole child support initiatives for all stakeholders by:

a. Delivering presentations to increase awareness and visibility of whole child support initiatives to all stakeholders
b. Providing information sessions to district leaders on whole child support initiatives offered through Metro RESA
c. Creating opportunities to showcase school demonstration sites for both wraparound and community schools
d. Focusing on mental health offerings support to educator wellness through the delivery of webinars, podasts, and Mental Health Awareness Mini-Grants for Educators

The Metro RESA Whole Child Supports Team will assist LEAs and their schools in building systems that lead, support, and align whole child support initiatives that increase school and community capacity by:

a. Convening regular job-alikes and professional learning opportunities for Whole Child Model School Coordinators and student support staff across districts to connect services, share best practices and collaborate
b. Providing targeted support for aligning, scaling, and building the community school strategy through the following four pillars: 1) Integrated Student Supports, 2) Expanded and Enriched Learning Time and Opportunities, 3) Active Family and Community Engagement, and 4) Collaborative Leadership and Practices
c. Coaching school-based staff to develop sustainable wraparound practices while supporting school improvement teams to align and embed wraparound services and supports into plans
d. Providing guidance and coaching to districts and schools on Mental Health issues that individually effect teaching or learning
e. Deliver trainings and workshops on various whole child supports inclusive of school climate, trauma and resilience, staff and student wellness, restorative practices, mental health, relationship building, and social-emotional learning

Metro RESA Wraparound Specialists

Michelle Sandrock picture

Michelle Sandrock, Wraparound Services Team Lead
Works with School Districts/Schools to Provide Whole Child Support Technical Assistance, Coaching and Professional Learning. Specializes in Community School Models. 
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Michelle serves as the Lead School Climate Specialist and Wraparound Services Coordinator for both the School Climate and Whole Child Supports teams at Metro RESA.  Previously, she served as the Family-School Partnership Program Manager at the Georgia Department of Education.  She is a passionate leader with experience helping states, districts, and schools develop, cultivate, and sustain positive learning environments. These learning environments foster family, school, and community partnerships in an effort to eliminate barriers and support the whole child. Her area of specialty lies in assisting schools and districts in the development of  system-level change through strategic planning, partnership development, facilitation, and coaching.


Leah Black Picture

Leah Black, Wraparound Services Coordinator
Works collaboratively with GaDOE/RESA School Improvement to Support Schools on the Federally Identified State List to Embed Wraparound Services and Supports
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Leah joined the Metro RESA team in July 2021 as a School Climate Specialist and later, as a Wraparound Services Coordinator.   Prior to joining the team, Leah served in various leadership capacities in five school districts in three states. Her greatest passions are supporting Title I schools and leaders around Culture and Climate, Social and Emotional Learning, and ensuring that all PreK-12th students' needs are met via wraparound services. It is her passion and purpose to support the improvement of academic outcomes and reduce disproportionality in the schools she supports.



Granville Freeman, Mental Health and Wraparound Services Coordinator
Works with School Districts/Schools to Provide Whole Child Support Technical Assistance, Coaching Professional Learning. Specializes in Mental Health and Staff Wellness.
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Granville joined the Metro RESA team in December of 2021 as the Mental Health Coordinator and the Wraparound Services Coordinator for the Whole Child Supports Team.  Prior to joining the Metro RESA team, Granville served as a district Prevention/Intervention Strategist. In his previous role, Granville aided in the creation of the Marietta Student Life Center, formerly known as the Graduate Marietta Student Success Center.  He has also served as a Workforce Manager for youth services and still operates a mental health practice.  Granville is passionate about both mental health and Wraparound Services because it brings the "village" back to caring  for our youth.