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Why Education?

Why Education As A Profession?

Welcome to WHY EDUCATION?, a site for future educators and those who support them! Our goal is to provide encouragement and support to educators and school district professionals who recruit and engage with teachers across the Metro RESA service area. Register today using our online registration system. A direct link for the course can be found in the Metro RESA course catalog, or at

Click on the links below to access resources discussed during the WHY EDUCATION? webinar series.

January 2023

  • You are always on Georgia's mind.  The GaDOE is here to offer support in induction, recruitment, and retention needs. Dr. Reichert, GaDOE Director of Teacher and Leader Support & Development, joined us to explore resources and initiatives developed by the GaDOE to support and develop solutions in this growing area of need. Resource I, Resource II, Resource III
  • Metro Area Supporting Guest Speaker, Alisha Albritten, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer, from Clayton County Schools.  Alisha shared the district's innovative Graduate to Paraprofessional Pipeline. Resource I

February 2023

  • With so much news swirling around about education, it can be hard to determine if it is fact or fiction.  Dr. Lawler, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Interim Director of the Center for Innovation in STEM Education Research at Kennesaw State University, joined us to help share the facts about education and share a robust library of resources to support getting the facts out to not only your potential candidates, but to your current educators and your community. Resource I, Resource II, Resource III
  • Metro Area Supporting Guest Speaker, Dr. Michelle Thompson, Professional Learning Coordinator, from Dekalb County Schools.  Michelle shared information and resources from Georgia's P-20 Collaborative and how they support the work of induction, recruitment, and retention here in Georgia.  Resource I, Resource II

March 2023

  • When what has always been done isn't working, it is time to get creative and think outside the box. Forsyth's Coordinator of Retention and Employee Experience, Michele McInnish, Ed.S, shared resources and ideas aligned with her professional specialization in retention and employee experience. Michele has years of experience and ideas to support not only recruiting new educators to your team, but retaining them once they are there. Resource IResource IIResource III
  • Please note a change in the promoted topic from work flexibility in the workplace environment to a focus on well-being support resources. To learn more about Atlanta Public School's work flexibility option for supervisors and eligible employees, a link has been provided to explore the remote work model called APS Flex. Metro Area Supporting Guest Speaker, Dr. Isis Manboard, Director of Employee Relations of Atlanta Public Schools, shared resources used by the district to promote employee well-being in the workplace environment and beyond.  Learn about the resources used to support educators, and how it has impacted the climate and culture within the district and given the district an added benefit when looking for potential hiring candidates and retaining the current professionals on staff.  Resource I