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Metro RESA Science

Welcome to the Metro RESA Science resource pages.  We look forward to serving you!

For more information about professional learning opportunities for your school or district,

contact Reagan Biwott, Metro RESA Science Specialist.

Welcome to Metro RESA K-12 Science

Welcome to Metro RESA’s K-12 Science resource pages. The K-12 Science specialist plans, coordinates, and delivers all courses, workshops, endorsements, and training events for Metro Regional Educational Service Agency (MRESA). Metro RESA offers regularly scheduled courses/events, on-site professional learning options, and quarterly job-alike meetings.  Additionally, Metro RESA offers custom-designed professional learning as determined by data to meet identified goals and needs of districts and/or individual schools. Metro RESA is committed to building the capacity of all educators in the metro area through courses, workshops, collaborative consortia, and other activities. In addition to these opportunities, we offer the K-5 Science Endorsement and STEM Endorsement, along with ten other endorsement options. More information can be found at under the Endorsements tab.

Overview of Metro RESA K-12 Science Specialist Service Offerings


Metro RESA K-12 Science Menu of On-Site Professional Learning Options*

  • Staff learning for administrators, instructional coaches, teachers, paraprofessionals, and substitute teachers
  • Collaborative consortium for district-level Science leaders through job-alike meetings
  • Resource and informational updates through communication platforms and website resource pages
  • Consultative assistance in various areas of Science and STEM curriculum and instruction by request
  • On-site professional learning (Email Reagan Biwott to schedule or learn more):
  • Custom-designed professional learning to meet school or district-based needs
  • Select from the 2023-2024 menu of K-12 Science and STEM on-site professional learning options*
  • 3-Dimensional GSE Science sessions: teaching 3D science with fidelity, 3-D science learning targets and success criteria, using phenomena in 3-D classrooms, crosscutting concepts in 3D science classrooms, 3-D science assessment, equity and diversity in the 3-D science classroom, effective planning protocols for implementing 3-D science
  • Science and Disciplinary Literacy
  • Authentic Math/Science Integration
  • Authentic STEM
  • Project WET/Wild/Learning Tree certification training