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Meet Our Team

Metro RESA School Improvement Specialists

Georgi Nour, Ed.S, Director of School Improvement Specialists
Districts Served: All Metro Area Districts
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Georgi has served in education for over 25 years. She had the pleasure of serving as an elementary principal and a high school principal for 11 years. She has been a classroom teacher with a focus in language arts. Presently, she serves as the Director of School Improvement Specialist with Metro RESA for the past 10 years.





Ms. Stephanie R. Amey, Ed.S, Title: School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Atlanta Public Schools
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Stephanie R. Amey is a retired educator with over 30 years of experience, including 10 years as a principal. Her experience as a turnaround principal and principal mentor provides valuable expertise in her supporting role as a school improvement specialist. She has currently been on the MRESA staff for 7 years.



Dr. Kimberly Anderson, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Atlanta Public Schools
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Kimberly has served as a School Improvement Specialist since 2022. With a 30+ year career spanning roles as a teacher, principal, and district administrator, she brings a passion for education. She is driven by the firm belief that all students can achieve academically with the right support systems in place. Committed to building relationships and empowering educators to reach their school improvement goals, Kimberly channels her expertise into helping foster a culture of success.  Kimberly earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Master of Education and Specialist degrees in Educational Leadership, and a Ed.D. in School Improvement. She also has endorsements in Personalized Learning (2024) and Leadership Coaching. In her free time, she indulges her love for travel, finding inspiration beyond the realms of educational leadership.

Tracie Astin, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Atlanta Public Schools
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As a member of the MRESA Team, Tracie contributes extensive expertise in school improvement and leadership. She is an educational professional with over 20 years of experience. Supporting in a variety of capacities, Tracie brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for transformative leadership to the field -- from being a secondary English teacher, departmental chairperson, professional learning specialist to a curriculum/special education administrator, principal, and a school improvement administrator with the GADOE in School & District Effectiveness.  She also has experience in guiding schools and leaders by providing cohesive support and fostering growth through coaching, strategic planning, and aligning leadership initiatives. Tracie’s goal remains to provide a deliberate emphasis on guiding schools and leaders with a focus on curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Tracie enjoys the opportunity to bring together these elements with schools through the lens of targeted data, action-planning, monitoring, and observation/feedback to yield continued growth and sustainable improvements for our schools.

Allison Barbour, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: State Public Schools
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Allison’s advocacy for education is steeped in her constant and consistent pursuit of excellence. As an educator and a mom of three young men, Allison is committed to ensuring that every child has unlimited access, regardless of their address, to boundless success and is unwavering in her passion to leverage opportunities for educators to create, enrich, impact, and influence pathways that open doors to college, career, and life readiness. As a Metro Resa School Improvement Specialist, Allison is persistent in learning and in growth for herself, for those she supports, and for her number one client-group, the students, for whom she serves. Through collaboration with other academic investors, she is enthusiastic in empowering educators to close academic gaps and to foster environments that allow scholars daily experiences with rigorous instruction and quality learning so students can reach their full, powerful potential.

Sherry Boudreaux, Ed.S, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Fulton County Schools
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Sherry Boudreaux joined the Metro RESA School Improvement Team in July 2018.  As a School Improvement Specialist, she plays a pivotal role in enhancing educational outcomes by providing valuable expertise and guidance to schools. Sherry is passionate about fostering positive change within schools, working collaboratively to implement effective strategies and initiatives that drive continuous improvement. With a keen understanding of educational challenges, she brings a wealth of experience to empower schools towards excellence.

Dr. Walter L. Burke, Jr., School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Atlanta Public Schools
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As a dedicated school improvement specialist and former principal with over 25 years of service to the field of education, Walter leverages his extensive background in education to drive positive change.  His collaborative approach involves working closely with educators, administrators, and community stakeholders to create a cohesive and student-centric learning environment.  He thrives on collaborating with educators and administrators, employing a hands-on approach to address challenges and optimize learning environments.  His experiences encompass curriculum development, data analysis, professional development, student affairs, and fostering a climate and culture of continuous improvement.

Dr. Taijuan Clayton-Brookes, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Atlanta Public Schools
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Dr. Taijuan Clayton-Brookes has been an educator for more than 20 years. Prior to joining the MRESA team, he served as the Lead Academic Recovery Specialist for the Georgia Department of Education. He was also an elementary school principal and a school improvement consultant. As a life-long learner, Dr. Clayton-Brookes earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education, his Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and his Ed.D. in Education Leadership. He also has endorsements in Instructional Leadership. He believes in “reversing destruction and capturing tomorrows”!

Dr. Wislene John Guiney, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Atlanta Public Schools
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Wislene began her career as a special education teacher over 27 years ago. As a first-generation high school and college graduate, she is passionate about supporting school communities to ensure a high-quality education serves as an equalizer. She has served as an instructional mentor, assistant principal, and principal in metro Atlanta. Wislene joined the School Improvement Team at Metro RESA in July 2021. In her current role, she supports federally identified schools as they improve systems, protocols, and practices to improve their internal capacity and student outcomes.


Dr. Pam Herrera, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Atlanta Public Schools
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Dr. Herrera is a bilingual educator (English and Spanish) with over 20 years of experience. She has served Metro RESA as the ESOL Coordinator, a literacy specialist, and currently as a School Improvement Specialist. Dr. Herrera has served various school districts in many capacities and content areas.

Noletha High, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Dekalb County School
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Noletha is a valuable addition to our team, bringing with her years of experience in school turnaround. She has worked as a teacher, instructional liaison specialist, International Baccalaureate principal, and school improvement/leadership support coach. For over two decades, Noletha has dedicated herself to supporting teaching and learning in various capacities. Her areas of expertise include data-driven instruction, as well as organizational and change management.


Dr. Deirdre N. Hill, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Atlanta Public Schools
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For more than 30 years, Deirdre has dedicated her career to transforming lives as a special education educator and leader in education.  She served as a special education teacher, Lead Teacher for Special Education, New Teacher Trainer, and a Traditional Theme School Assistant Principal in the Dekalb County School District. She had the privilege of coaching and supporting both general and special education teachers in K-12 classrooms. She holds degrees and certifications in special education and leadership from the University of West Georgia, Georgia State University, and Piedmont University.  She earned her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Piedmont University.

Cheryl Jackson, School Improvement Specialist 
Districts Served: Fulton County Schools
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The passion that drives Cheryl’s actions each day, is a Masai proverb that says "Kasserian Ingera," which means, “And how are the children?” The response should be “the children are well.” If we cannot exclaim that “they are well”, we have work to do to ensure that the children are well.



Courtney Jones, Ed.S. , School Improvement Specialist  
School Districts Served: Dekalb County Schools and Fulton County Schools
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Courtney Jones brings over 27 years of dedicated service in education, serving as a classroom teacher to a district leader. Throughout her journey, she has successfully transformed schools and district programs by increasing access, opportunities, and outcomes for PK-12 students. With a wealth of experience, she is a  transformational leader in the school improvement process, committed to making a significant impact on learning and enhancing results for students and schools alike. Courtney is unwavering in her commitment to the success of all students, firmly believing that education not only transforms the lives of students but also the communities we serve. 

Amy Krause, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Atlanta Public Schools
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With over 20 years of experience in a leadership capacity related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, administration, and accountability, Amy provides support and coaching to instructional coaches, administrators, and leadership teams. Amy is passionate about providing tools, resources, and guidance to schools, especially Title I designated schools, in need of improvement. Her efforts have successfully allowed multiple schools to increase performance and effectiveness and to move off the designated state lists. Additionally, Amy serves as an instructor for the Metro RESA Math Endorsement Authentic Residency Course. She works closely with the Metro RESA Endorsement Coordinator as she supports districts in offering the K-5 Math Endorsement Program.

Dr. Melanie Mitchell, School Improvement Specialist 
Districts Served: DeKalb County Schools
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Melanie has served as an educator for over 25 years and joined the RESA team in 2021. She believes that all children, especially those in underserved neighborhoods, should have equal access to a challenging and supportive learning environment. Her passion is supporting leaders with reducing barriers to learning and developing systems for enhancing academic growth and achievement. Her educational career spans from high school English teacher, instructional coach and model teacher leader to coaching specialist, turnaround principal, and instructor mentor. She obtained her degrees in English from Georgia State University, English Education from Agnes Scott College and Organizational Leadership from Valdosta State University.


Dr. Daundria Phillips, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Atlanta Public Schools
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Dr. Daundria Phillips has served as an educator for more than 24 years. Prior to joining the Metro RESA team, she served as a school effectiveness specialist with the Georgia Department of Education. Dr. Phillips is an experienced and effective educator who is committed to teaching and learning, positive collaboration, professional learning, curriculum and instruction, leadership development, assessment and accountability, continuous improvement, and growth. Her current role affords her the opportunity to provide tailored support and coaching to schools and districts in the metropolitan Atlanta area to improve instructional practices. She has endorsements in Personalized Learning (2024), Gifted Education, and Coaching.

Renee Prevallet, School Improvement Specialist 
Districts Served: Atlanta Public Schools
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Renee Prevallet has extensive experience in researching, planning and facilitating job-embedded professional development for district and school level educators. She has modeled and implemented exemplary school practices leading to increased student achievement and school improvement. Ms. Prevallet creates school and classroom improvement modules, materials and other support for schools and districts and has utilized comprehensive needs assessment, root cause analysis, and planning for school improvement initiatives and interventions. Her primary goal is to develop relationships and capitalize on existing strengths and structures in order to facilitate professional capacity and maximize school and district achievement.

Dr. Tara Ross, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Cobb County Schools
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Tara, a highly experienced School Improvement Specialist with over 20 years in education at various levels, fervently champions high-quality leadership and instruction that is accessible to every student. Driven by the conviction that every child can thrive, she promotes initiatives in data-driven strategic planning, effective system design, collaborative coaching, and training facilitation. Devoted to fostering positive change, Tara is dedicated to advancing educational practices that empower leaders and staff, enhance student success, and strengthen school communities.

Sharon Vappie, School Improvement Specialist
Districts Served: Atlanta Public Schools
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Sharon has been teaching since she was about seven years old! She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Education degree. Most of her teaching career was proudly served in the Dekalb County School System. Her career path includes serving as a teacher, Lead Teacher of Special Education, and Special Education Coordinator. She has come full circle doing what she loves, serving as a School Improvement Specialist where she continues growing among education giants!