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Leaders In Student Engagement

The “Leaders in Student Engagement” Job-Alike is a specialized cohort designed for individuals who hold the role of Student Engagement Coordinator/Coach/Director/Specialist within educational entities in Metro RESA. This cohort typically consists of professionals who are responsible for enhancing and promoting student involvement and increasing student voice within schools and districts. Members of this cohort often come together to share best practices, collaborate on innovative strategies, and address common challenges related to student engagement. The goal is to foster a supportive community of professionals dedicated to creating vibrant and inclusive learning environments that empower students to thrive academically and socially. Key activities within the “Leaders in Student Engagement” Job-Alike may include workshops, seminars, peer mentoring, and discussions focused on student programming, leadership development, and student voice. The cohort provides a platform for networking, skill-building, and staying updated on emerging trends and research in the field of student engagement. Ultimately, it aims to enhance the effectiveness of student engagement professionals in their roles and contribute to creating a culture of active student participation, empowerment, and leadership. Interested in joining the “Leaders in Student Engagement” Job-Alike? Contact Dr. Kyra M. Caldwell Templeton at