MTSS Facilitator Endorsement

  • The MTSS Facilitator Endorsement at Metro RESA is a GaPSC approved preparation program that provides approved candidates with the coursework and related field experience required to add the MTSS Facilitator Endorsement to a current standard Georgia Professional Certificate.  Within the program, candidates explore the history and foundations of RTI/MTSS/SST, the problem-solving model, and develop plans for successful implementation. 

  • Overview

  • Admission Requirments

  • Tuition Costs

  • Course I: Foundations, Problem Solving, and Universal Screening (50 hours/5 PLUs)

  • Course II: Problem Analysis, Plan Implementation, and Program Evaluation (50 hours/5 PLUs)

  • Course III: Planning for a Successful Implementation (50 hours/5 PLUs)

  • Resource Requirments

  • For additional information, contact the Metro RESA MTSS Facilitator Endorsement Coordinator, Iris Im.

Meet the Coordinator