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Gifted Endorsement

  • The Gifted In-Field Endorsement at Metro RESA is a GaPSC approved preparation program that provides approved candidates with the coursework and related field experience required to add the Gifted In-Field Endorsement to a current standard Georgia Professional Certificate.  The endorsement is designed to train candidates to identify and teach gifted students from a variety of cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds. This program ensures that its graduates have in-depth knowledge of teaching gifted and talented students. The assignments, performance tasks, and assessments for each course will serve as the basis for ensuring that candidates have this knowledge. Program candidates will complete 200 hours of coursework and applied field experiences; content knowledge will be integrated across courses to help ensure mastery and coverage.

  • Overview

  • Learning Outcomes

  • Admission Requirements

  • Tuition Costs

  • Course I: Characteristics of the Gifted Learner (50 hours/5 PLUs)

  • Course II: Identification and Assessment of the Gifted Learner (40 hours/4 PLUs)

  • Course III: Curriculum and Strategies for the Gifted Learner (50 hours/5 PLUs)

  • Course IV: Program Development for the Gifted Learner (40 hours/4 PLUs)

  • Gifted Endorsement Internship (20 hours/2 PLUs)

  • Course Resource Requirements

  • Courses are designed to be taken in sequence, beginning with Characteristics of the Gifted Learner and ending with the Program Development for the Gifted Learner. The Gifted Endorsement is divided into four courses, with an additional internship component.  Successful completion of all four courses and the internship component are required to add the Gifted In-Field to a base certificate.

  • For more information, contact the Metro RESA Gifted Endorsement Coordinator, Sherry Wiedman

Meet the Coordinator

  • Sherry Weidman, Metro RESA Gifted Endorsement Coordinator

    Sherry serves as the Coordinator for the Gifted Endorsement Program at Metro RESA. She began her career in middle school education and spent fourteen years in the Cobb County School District teaching middle grades gifted students in Science, Social Studies, and Reading.  In 2012, Sherry became the Coordinator of Advanced Studies for the Fulton County School District.  While serving in this district leadership role, Sherry developed and managed the talented and gifted program, and supported all K - 12 gifted teachers for eight years before retiring in 2020.  Sherry continues to be a strong advocate for gifted students and the appropriate educational opportunities necessary to meet their social, emotional, and academic needs. Sherry enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering with children in her community, traveling, and reading.