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iLEAD Graduate Spotlight

“Since 2016, hundreds of amazing leaders have completed the Metro RESA iLEAD Tier I and Tier II Programs. To all of them, we say...thanks for all you do and all you give!“ 


Ernest Sessoms, Jr.                                                        

Atlanta Public Schools, Principal
iLead Graduating Cohort, 2022

The iLead program allowed me to think deeper into school improvement practices for my school for the goal of increasing student achievement. The instructors made the journey through the program meaningful and efficient as I was well-prepared for the PASL assessment. I highly recommend the iLEAD program as it is customized to align with the work currently beneficial for the metro school districts.

Jennifer Young

City Schools of Decatur, Principal
iLead Graduation Cohort, 2022

I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with my mentors and complete the shadow experiences.  The hands-on learning experiences opened my eyes to some of the things that I may potentially encounter as a building leader. 




Dr. Simone Garwood

Department of Juvenile Justice School System, Principal
iLEAD Cohort Graduating Class, 2021

The iLEAD program prepared me with practical job-embedded content and experiences. Also, the iLEAD program and PASL assessment were tailored to my work environment. The knowledge, skill sets, and resources were meaningful in my leadership role. I would recommend the iLEAD program to others because of the individualized attention and interests shared by the iLEAD team. 



Scott Luthart

Forsyth County Schools, Assistant Principal
iLEAD Graduating Cohort, 2021

As a new administrator, there was obviously a lot of leadership experience that I lacked exposure to out of the gate. The iLead program is structured in a way that will enlighten you as to where your real strengths and weaknesses lie. This program required constant self-assessment and reflection, and through it, I was able to strengthen my educational leadership resume by intentionally pursuing growth opportunities in those areas of weakness. At the same time, my confidence was bolstered by learning that I had strengths in other areas, some of which I wasn’t aware of on the surface. One of the other benefits of joining this program is the fact that it is job-embedded. This model really allows for daily exposure to what being an educational leader is all about. When you also add the additional positive of networking with your colleagues and peers, the program is built to produce terrific educational leaders who are prepared to thrive in that role.


Helen Walcott

Cobb County School District, Assistant Principal
iLEAD Graduating Cohort, 2020

The iLEAD program was an integral part of my leadership journey.  Every instructor provided invaluable expertise and guidance.  The shadow experiences, portfolio, mentorship, and networking opportunities were very meaningful and broadened my perspective on the various aspects of school and district leadership.  iLEAD provides excellent opportunities for aspiring leaders to grow professionally, and set and attain long-term career goals.



K'Asha Davis

Douglas County School System, Principal
iLEAD Graduating Cohort, 2019

I found the iLEAD program to be an authentic exploration and development of both my leadership skills and capacity as a leader. I appreciated the honest and candid feedback from my CST team, as well as the opportunities to collaborate with leaders across the Metro RESA districts and institutions. 





Dr. Keshia L. Dixon-Mosley

Henry County Schools, Assistant Principal
iLEAD Graduating Cohort, 2019

Being a part of the iLEAD program afforded me the opportunity to not only earn my leadership certification, but to also absorb pearls of wisdom from the supervisors and mentors. The ability to share and learn from other cohort members allowed you to know that you weren’t alone on this journey. I would recommend iLEAD to anyone looking to not only obtain their leadership certification, but who also desires to be immersed in a supportive and nurturing environment while doing so.



Anthony W. Young

Pickens County, Superintendent
iLEAD Graduating Cohort, 2017

The most important aspect of the program was its immersion into the real-world aspects of what we do and the focus on making each participant a better leader in their respective positions.  I have to also add that the support I received from Metro RESA was incredible. I have never dealt with a more positive and capable group of people!




Rita Hohman

Archdiocese of Atlanta; Teacher, Enrichment Coordinator, Mentor Supervisor for New Teachers 
iLead Graduating Cohort, 2018

The iLEAD program prepared me to further develop my leadership skills and knowledge as a school administrator. The hands-on opportunity and individualized attention within our cohort were exceptional. I enjoyed collaborating with educators in all districts and areas of administration and teaching. The iLEAD program opened new opportunities for learning which helped me to grow professionally and lead my school. I highly recommend this job-embedded program that meets your needs as an educator in which to strengthen your professional growth and the success of your school.

Chelonnda Seroyer DeKalb County School District - Field Placement Coordinator iLEAD Graduating Cohort Year: 2020-2021 I genuinely appreciated the real-time authentic application of the content that we learned during our time together.  The diversity of thought and perspective gained from the instructors and other cohort members was invaluable!  It was an experience that I enjoyed and would highly recommend due to the thoughtful course design and the opportunity to learn from other candidates.




Dr. Rashida Brown Clayton County Public Schools, GNETS Lead Psychologist iLEAD Graduating Cohort Year: 2021 The iLead program was the ideal choice to earn my leadership certification with my unique position. The innovative structure of iLead provides all types of leaders a customized professional learning journey filled with shadow experiences, meaningful discourse, mentorship, and networking opportunities to thrive in school and district leadership.






Woodsen E. Plummer DeKalb County School District, K-12 English Language Arts Coordinator iLEAD Graduating Cohort Year: 2019 The iLEAD program offered me the opportunity to cultivate leadership skills within a collaborative and authentically real-world learning environment. The guidance from former school and district leaders proved invaluable, imparting not only practical insights into effective leadership but also a profound understanding of what it really means to lead. My personal growth and professional outlook were significantly influenced by the iLEAD program, and I recommend it to anyone seeking comprehensive K-12 leadership knowledge that extends beyond a textbook.




James Auld
Cobb County, Assistant Principal

iLEAD Graduating Cohort Year:2023 
When compared to my other postgraduate degrees, Metro RESA’s Tier One program was incredibly relevant, added nearly no additional work to my leadership position, and allowed me to learn from other professionals working in a very similar capacity. I greatly benefited from the networking easily facilitated through working with the members of my cohort and the integral field and shadow experiences. One night each week and only $500 per month??? I look forward to beginning my Tier Two with Metro RESA soon!




LaToya R. Gray, Ed.S
Cherokee County School District - Director, Elementary Curriculum & Instruction

iLEAD Graduating Cohort Year: 2018

I found the job embedded personalized structure of the iLEAD program most meaningful. The course work, discussions, and products were designed to develop my leadership skills and served to improve my ability to define goals and create viable plans. This model, met my professional and personal needs as a leader and was applicable to my day-to-day practice. 




Dr. Anthony Browning Assistant Principal, Rockdale County Public Schools iLEAD Graduating Cohort Year: 2023 I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow with other leaders in the iLEAD Program. The seminars were so impactful throughout the program.  Having the opportunity to learn, share similar experiences, and work through similar situations with other leaders was powerful.  AND  I met some amazing individuals that I can now call FRIENDS!  I look forward to Tier II.