What Districts Are Saying

  • What I admired the most was the level of engagement that students had in all of the classrooms that we visited. In addition, I noticed a major difference in the confidence levels of the teachers. It was evident that they were well-prepared and knew exactly what to do, so they felt very comfortable teaching it to their students!

    We believe using Growing Readers will vastly increase our students’ reading ability. 

    We have seen the amazing results that implementing Growing Readers has had in our elementary classrooms and can't wait to see the growth as readers that these students continue to have.

    We have seen tremendous success with Growing Readers with our students. My teachers report that they feel that our students are now readers rather than word callers.

    Growing Readers has been a program that has helped us develop content knowledge. As students become better readers, they are able to utilize more nonfiction texts to gain knowledge; as a result, they have a much broader knowledge base to develop better writing. As our building has progressed, we’ve seen a marked difference in overall achievement score for reading as well as writing. We’ve also seen this translate over into our math and science. Students have become more curious to ask a question and seek more purposeful answers. And, directly, this helps high school because the focus is no longer on behavior, it is more on learning.

    Many of our Growing Readers teachers have grown in their confidence and instructional abilities!

    I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a successful program. The feedback I’ve received from teachers notes their appreciation for equipping them with tools necessary and vital to meet the needs of their students as they grow to be life-long readers.

    I see the data coming in from the three schools I supervise that are using Growing Readers and growth is being demonstrated in the students’ reading skills. Thank you for the intentional rollout of in-depth training for teachers and those within the school (such as the instructional lead teachers) that are helping support the teachers. I am excited to see the long-term results.